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PrePress Solutions for your Business
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Plate Imaging

Ultresetter 530 family


The Ultresetter 530 M family images different plate sizes without changing the hardware.


The Ultresetter 530 M offers because of his high quality a great performance for low costs of ownership.

Their modular construction make the Ultresetter 530 M family very easy and cost effective in maintanence.


The imaging drum is fitted with registration pins and the punched plate is simply located onto the pins and the vacuum system engaged to hold the plate in place. 


The Ultresetter 530 family provides a high quality, high performance metal platesetter solution for B3 andB2 format. The internal drum accommodates plates up to 530 x 505 mm in the standard version and 550 x 700 mm in the plus versionand images with a violet diode laser


The Dolphin RIP that drives the Ultresetter 530 M uses the industry standard Harlequin level 3 PostScript software which is compatible with a range of third party proofing devices.

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